About Structural Relief Therapy

One of my teaching assistants Cookie said, “You’re not going to tell them everything, are you? I mean if you tell them everything they won’t need to buy your book or come to a class.” If I use the accepted marketing model she would be right. But I heard a clear and profound voice in my head say, “Give away everything you know.” So here is how I developed SRT.

My early experience working at the Everett Providence Hospital Pain Control Center showed me that traditional western medicine had limitations for helping people with chronic pain. I simply believed they could be helped and my lack of formal education became an asset as it kept me searching for solutions.

Finally, after taking many classes, I found Dr. Loren Rex, D.O. who taught the principles of Strain and Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, and fascia release. Over many years and many bodies, I used these osteopathic principles to develop Structural Relief Therapy, a protocol to quickly and efficiently decrease the pain of my patients. (Which is why my hair is turning gray! BIO)

To stop involuntary muscle contraction, I find the SRT tender point, usually near an articulation (joint) that does not refer. I position the body until the patient tells me the SRT tender point is gone or mostly diminished. I hold this position for 90 to 120 seconds, then return the body to a neutral position.

SRT also incorporates the principles of Muscle Energy Technique (MET), especially in the pelvis where it is the most efficient. For example, by a happy accident I once incorrectly positioned the body for a lumbar MET resistance and it decreased the involuntary contraction of the piriformis muscle which significantly decreased the pain of sciatica.

After using SRT to decrease involuntary muscle contraction, I usually find that what is left is shortened and/or twisted fascia. Because I do not want to create any more pain for my patients, I have developed a gentle, effective, and efficient way to work with fascia and other soft tissue.

So…How Does SRT Work?