Piper Cabebe (LMP, Vancouver, WA)
"I love the SRT and have incorporated all of your techniques into my practice. My patients all love it and they have told others. I am happier and happier with my career. I can see using SRT for years to come."
Michelle DeShayes (LMP, West Seattle, WA)
"I used SRT today and bam, I helped another patient get out of pain. For myself, I saw an Osteopath which practices PRT and he didn't do it the same and I didn't get the same benefits as I have from SRT."
Michelle DeShayes (LMP, West Seattle, WA)
"One patient was in so much pain she could not breathe, laugh, and was frustrated because she could not even pick up her 3 year old son. She was amazed at how I got her out of pain when her Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, another massage therapist, medication, yoga, had not helped."
Adam (Longview, WA)
"My name is Adam, you don't know me but, you do know my fiancée Yvonne. She took your class in Vancouver last weekend and you helped her like no one has ever done before. You relieved the pain in her back that has been there since I have known her. She was able to sleep and work without much of the pain she has lived with for so long. Thank you!"
Sidney Couch (LMP, Sequim, WA)
"I used SRT on every cycler who came to my table today at the 100 mile bike event with incredible success. Wow!"
Heidi Cartwright (LMP, Olympia, WA)
"The small amount of things I learned in Introduction to SRT I used right away on my patients and it really helps, while being easy on me."
Karen K. Flory (LMP, Tacoma, WA)
"I started using SRT with my very first patient Monday morning and he was duly impressed with the results in his lower back. I proceeded to treat his shoulder that had a previous injury. When he was off the table he said, 'My shoulder feels better than it has in years.' All my clients are happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Alison Raymond (LMP, Olympia, WA)
"I just took your shoulder, arm and neck classes this last weekend and your instruction book has been laying open on every client's belly this week. They love it. I can't wait for the next class. You and your assistant instructors are fun. Thank you."
Irma B. Molina (LMT, Portland, OR)
"Just a note to thank you for the SRT class in Vancouver this past weekend. I'm so thrilled about the upcoming courses, I mailed my deposit check for the next class in March. Please send me some brochures to give to some fellow colleagues that I've shared my enthusiasm with...See you next month, you're awesome!!! I immediately start SRT with great results. I'm taking your suggestion and calling some clients that I've not seen in a while to offer them a session using this new tool. What a great marketing tool!!!"
Kathy Rose Shellorne (Spokane, WA)
"I have attended a lot of CE including Robert King's, Jack Blackburn, Upledger Institute, etc., and yours is among the very best I have ever participated in, in my 12 years."
Marla Barrett (LMP, Union, WA)
"I took your SRT for the neck and the SRT for the shoulder, arm, and hand. I used SRT on a client I have been working on for quite some time now and there was immediate improvement, so much that my client started to cry!! WOW thanks for sharing your knowledge."
Troy Cornyn (LMP, Puyallup, WA)
"I have used SRT and had good results. I will be signing up for more classes. Thank you for presenting the material in a laid back, CLEAR, concise, and easy to follow manner. Again thank you and see you soon."
Cookie Garcia-Warner (LMP, Burlington, WA)
"Thank you for a great class; the ribs have always been a challenge for me. It will be nice to have one more tool to incorporate and try before referring my client on."
Corinne Dee Kelly (LMP, Seattle, WA)
"I enjoyed your class immensely and have great respect for you for all the work that you have done in studying this work on your own, persistently applying it in clinical situations and compiling and producing it in such a clear way. You are a jewel to the profession of massage."
Beccy Bayne (LMP, Bellingham, WA)
"I just had tell you how much this work has already helped my clients. My carpenter patient's forearms are always so bound I could beat them with a rolling pin for an hour with little success. I used SRT without really explaining how it worked. Afterwards he said, "My arm feels light and healthy!" I Love how his muscles just told him what had happened to them -- I didn't have to!"
Beccy Bayne (LMP, Bellingham, WA)
"My practice has already gotten easier and more effective. Thank you, thank you so much for your generosity, persistence, and knowledge. With SRT, I feel like I can stop beating my head against the wall."
Eric Watts (LMP, Vancouver, WA)
"I began using the techniques I learned in the class the following day and had an immediate response. A MVA client I've been treating for several weeks now noticed a marked improvement after one session of using the techniques I learned in the Introduction to SRT. She said, 'it's like your doing magic, where did it go'. This is profound stuff!!"
Eric Watts (LMP, Vancouver, WA)
"The one thing I appreciated most about the class is how quickly I was able to incorporate the techniques so quickly into my therapy sessions. In other classes I've attended, it seems like I need to have the 'owner's manual' in front of me to remember what I need to do."
Mark Cedarleaf (LMT, Salem, OR)
"Thank you for the sharing of your years of experience and knowledge. This course has caused a change within me that I have not felt before. I am seeing the structure in a whole new way and finding it easier to assess where imbalances lie in the body. I am excited about the immediate application opportunities with SRT."
Mark Cedarleaf (LMT, Salem, OR)
"I now have a very valuable tool to help my patients out of pain."
Mark Cedarleaf (LMT, Salem, OR)
"I find both of you to be excellent teachers, both in communicating the information, but also connecting with people in a special way. There were moments where you may have been across the room, but Deb was right there and in tune, offering special insights to what we were doing. I am grateful and deeply appreciative."
Michele Jordan (North Plains, OR)
"I work at a retirement center and one of my regular patients is a stroke victim. She regularly gets 30 min massage which feels good but wasn't getting the results I wanted." "At first it was difficult for her to identify which spot hurt more. But we pretended as you said as to which spot was best. She could both see and feel the difference. It was so exciting to see her so elated. She was amazed."
Michele Jordan (North Plains, OR)
"Thanks for the wonderful new tool. I've used them all week on a variety of my patients with similar success even if the patient didn't fully understand what I was doing. I used SRT on a patient who wants the pain of deep tissue. So I gave him pain and then asked if I could try SRT to release that spasm. It worked!!!! So I didn't have to work so hard for so long and the end result was just what he wanted. Yeah we both win!"
Ron Goblick (LMP, Spokane,WA)
"I actually learned things that work instantly and would recommend this class for any and all therapists that haven't had it. It is by far the best CE training I've ever had."
Nicole Heilsberg (LMP, Spokane, WA)
"AMAZING CLASS, I completely felt a release that I have never felt before."
Marti Thomas (LMP Spokane,WA)
"I would recommend this class to all massage therapists and I think Physical Therapists and Chiropractors should have to take this course."
Shana Rae (LMP, Bellingham, WA)
"Just a quick note to let you know how successful SRT has been with my clients. I am getting so much positive feedback. Thank you for sharing these magical techniques."
Julie Stilson (LMP, Spokane, WA)
"I love coming to Taya's classes. I always learn so much. I have clients that have shown major progress since I have been using SRT!"
Sara Love (LMP, Bellingham, WA)
"The SRT class was wonderful. I have already used SRT on my clients with phenomenal results. Their feedback was 'take more SRT classes so you can fix the rest of me!' I was surprised how well it could integrate with a Swedish massage and it was easy to transition."
Lauren Schneider (LMP and Trainer, Bellingham, WA)
"Thank you so much for teaching SRT to me, I'm lovin' it and so are my clients. Saves my thumbs and fingers!"
Rose Jacobus (LMP, Wenatchee, WA)
"Everyone can use these techniques to improve outcome based results."
LMP (Walla Walla, WA)
"I feel like I have learned a valuable new skill with less stress on my body and my clients, but I can achieve a better effect as giving a deep massage."
LMP (Richland, WA)
"My business has already increased since starting these classes. I am so completely sure this is the technique for me, that I have already invested advertising in SRT. I feel this class has helped me find myself in massage therapy. Success is right around the corner."
LMT (Vancouver BC Canada)
"I enjoyed the class and having good results with my patients who are amazed when the tender point goes away. I am very glad to acquire some excellent practical skills to incorporate into my practice."
Simone Caraccialo (Anacortes, WA)
"This modality is probably one of the most effective I have encountered in my practice. It is something I'll been hoping for to more effectively help my clients."
CJ (Anacortes, WA)
"This work can be profoundly changing in an individual's levels; of pain and their functionality."
Cory McKinley (LMP, Spokane, WA)
"I love the SRT and have incorporated all of your techniques into my practice. My patients all love it and they have told others. I am happier and happier with my career. I can see using SRT for years to come."
Clay Germano (LMP, Seattle, WA)
"I started using the SRT techniques on my first client after the workshop and I have had great success."